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I have a design talent, which I seasoned through training over the past four years. In 2019, I have launched my startup in a small space where I conceptualized my style in designs and fashion for modest women. Two years later, SAWSAN brand was founded to deliver modest, timeless and sophisticated fashion for women.

If you haven’t tried our products, we really invite you to explore the spirit of SAWSAN, we make unique and timeless patterns for every style. With SAWSAN fashion, you are always attracting viewers to the art we add to each piece. We promise consistency in delivering high quality of material supplies and processes

My products target regional demand for modest women clothing. We have our first fashion runway show in Riyadh Modest fashion week on December 15th, 2022 to promote our modern designs that strive to the world fashion trends, and present the handmade Palestinian embroidery to boost the luxury level and uniqueness of our garments. We have unwavering commitment to empower the artisan women who preserve our heritage and make their livings.

My Story

I am Sawsan, the main fashion designer and brand director of SAWSAN.
My experience in innovation management where I designed business solutions reinforced my talent in visualizing designs to establish my own company IRIS Designs which owns brand SAWSAN.
What inspires SAWSAN is the drive to finding solutions for women who share values of looking modest, yet wish to maintain the confident, trendy, distinctive appearance. I aspire to deliver my products to all modest women in the region and around the world through proper selling channels.
As I enjoy dealing with fabric and accessories; I visualize different design ideas. I call myself gifted for my ability of selecting colors and fabrics and making sophisticated pattern cuts to correspond to the new trends and fashion, and always leveling up the design with a touch of “art in each piece” to produce a standout fashion.
As we entitle SAWSAN with uniqueness in patterns and designs to deliver ready to wear and couture fashion, therefor the designing phase goes through many prototypes until approved by the team before production order is given on the shop floor. The final product gets tested to fit in the designer vision, our brand values, our customer’s needs, comfort, and quality standards as well. I am aiming at positioning my brand as distinct, timeless and sophisticated modest fashion house at reasonable pricing.

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